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The Two-Headed Lore

Produced by Improper Fractions & Painted Tongue Productions

DIRECTED by Manjari Kaul

LIGHTS: Abhinav Khetarpal

MUSIC: Proteesh Ravi

COSTUMES: Mauraya Sharma

DEVISED & PERFORMED BY: Astha Aggerwal, Manjari Kaul, Mauraya Sharma, Maya Ghosh, Kiran Naig, Sayan Sarkar, Tejus Menon, Vikas Gupta.

The piece was performed in 2018-'19. In the cyclical rhythms of nature when dusk shifts into the blue of the night our inner, hidden selves emerge. The night makes room for a subversion of the order of the day- an order of rationality and decorum and allows human imagination to take flight. Folklores, fairy tales and myths emerge through this journey which explores the dualities of life- light and shadow, heart and mind, creation and destruction – leading to the essential binaries of masculine and feminine.

In The Two-Headed Lore, a Devised Theatre piece, the performers bring together stories told to us through generations with their own lived experiences of gender binaries and all that exists in- between and beyond.

As the characters and plot twists in these stories fuse, diverge or resonate with the actors’ personal narratives, the play investigates how gender identities are formed, broken and reclaimed. The play draws attention to how we are all made up of stories real and mythical and that they are essential for our survival.

Photo gallery

Photos by Nikhil Kumar

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