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Produced by Improper Fractions

Directed by Manjari Kaul

Devised and performed by Kiran Naig, Manjari Kaul, Priiya

Lights: Abhinav Khetarpal

Plan:D was performed at The Sanatkada Festival and at Miranda House (Delhi University) in 2019. It is a Physical Theatre piece about what lies in the liminal spaces between  absence and presence. The performance explores the struggle to memorialize that which is no more. Plan:D is about human courage and will to struggle through pain, chaos and decrepitude and the continual return from the brink. 

The play uses raw imagery of bodies on the verge of a plummet, spiraling through pungent relationships between love, yearning, forgetting and finding. The performers exist simultaneously in worlds that embody abstract emotion as well as characters from fragmented narratives. 

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