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Πλας ντε λα Κονκόρντ - Plateia Omonoias - Concord

A site-specific performance

Directors: Melina Skoufou & Manjari Kaul

Costume and props designer: Georgia


Music composer: Andreas Skoufos

Choreographies: Giedre Degutyte

Assistant director: Victoria Papamichail

Performers: Giedre Degutyte, Manjari Kaul, Victoria Papamichail, Melina Skoufou, Eva Tsourou

"Concord" was performed at In Progress Feedback Festival (2016) which has been recognized by the EFFE International Jury as one of Europe’s finest festivals. We were responding to the theme “Urban Surprises”. We performed at Omonia square, commemorating it as the first Athenian square, a meeting point for its citizens, and often a tourist attraction. Since Omonia square has become associated with the poor immigrant population and people who consume narcotics, the middle and upper class Athenians tend to avoid crossing the square because of their racism. The aim of the performance is to contribute, momentarily though it may be, to transform this attitude of hostility and racism into one of playfulness and joy.

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